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Shandong Institute of Neuroimmunology

Shandong Institute of Neuroimmunology

Shandong institute of neuroimmunology is a specializedagency engaged in neuroimmunological research, which has been approved by therelevant authorities of Shandong Provincial Government. Based at one of the leadingresearch hospitals of the province, the First Affiliated Hospital of ShandongFirst Medical University & Shandong Provincial Qianfoshan Hospital, theinstitute comprises the corresponding clinical department and laboratory,neuroimaging, clinical epidemiology, specialized disease databases and big dataplatforms, and other related disciplines. As a high-level research platformintegrating basic, clinical, and applied medical research, the institute aimsto promote original innovation and to provide solutions for clinical issues ofthe field.

With a competent and experienced team tacklingneuroimmune diseases, the clinical department of the institute has become theaccredited specialty of the province and has also been awarded the researchbranch for neuroimmune diseases and neurological infections of China NationalClinical Research Center for Neurological Diseases. The institute possesses theTaishan Scholar post and trains graduates seeking master’s or doctoral degreein Shandong First Medical University and Shandong University.

The institute has established the experimentalplatforms with advanced equipment, such as BD Aria III cell sorter and FlowNanoAnalyzer, enabling investigations spanning molecular, subcellular andcellular levels. The institute also contains a SPF animal experimental center.These platforms provide firm support for the research projects.

At the Shandong Institute of Neuroimmunology,researchers are working to unlock the mysteries of immunoregulation and signaltransduction mechanisms in neuroimmune diseases. Research in the instituteencompasses preclinical and clinical studies in dendritic cells and theirexosomes, natural killer cells, and immunometabolic regulation. Clinical trialsare launched at the institute to assess novel therapies and improve prognosis.The institute has secured over 25 million RMB research funding granted byprojects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, multiple provincialand ministerial scientific research projects, and the project of academicpromotion programme of Shandong First Medical University. Researchers of theinstitute have published more than 80 research papers and participated in thedevelopment of various international and domestic guidelines for neuroimmunediseases.

The institute aims to achieve precision diagnosis andtreatment for neuroimmune diseases by providing patients with advanced andspecialized MRI sequences, precise genetic detections, immune statusmonitoring, and personalized treatment regimens with immunosuppressants orbiotherapies.

Shandong Institute of Neuroimmunology will makesignificant contributions to the development of neuroimmunology and relevantdisciplines, preparation of the next generation of neurologists and clinicalimmunologists, and scientific research innovation in our province. With theseefforts, the institute will provide high-quality medical services for patientswith neuroimmune diseases in Shandong province.