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International Healthcare Management Research and Development Center (IHM*RDC)

International Healthcare Management Research and Development Center (IHM*RDC)

The International Healthcare Management Research and Development Center (IHM*RDC) is a department dedicated to fostering international cooperation in healthcare with a global perspective.

Main Areas of activity include the following:

  • supporting staff in developing international healthcare management research skills;
  • supporting the design, implementation and further development of international research projects in clinical and nursing topics;
  • developing research in innovative areas of healthcare management and health systems improvement;
  • developing advanced training activities through international cooperation programs;
  • supporting the development of activities and services for international patients;


Director:Prof. Paulo Moreira holds a PhD from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom (Manchester Medical School / Health Services Management Unit)and has over 20 years executive and  scientific experience in international healthcare management and public health programs and activities.

You can contact us by Email: paulo.moreira[at][dot]cn